Monday, July 16, 2007

Scot McKnight on Peterson's Eat this Book

The Best Book Ever on the Bible is Eat this Book by Eugene Peterson.


Any view of the Bible that doesn’t lead to formation isn’t reading the Bible for what it is intended to do.


I sat out to read this book in an evening. After all, it is only about 180 pages. Was I in for a surprise. Captiving prose, elegant imagery, and a fire that starts burning as you open its pages and increases in flame as you turn from page to page. I poised myself over its pages for two days — often looking up in thanks and gazing into my back yard lost in pondering over the richness of this book. Marvelous. I’ve read books on the Bible ever since I was in college when Harold Lindsell through the first pitch to begin the battle for the Bible, but I’ve not read one book that I thought got the job done as well as Peterson. If you read this book it will lead you to Eat the Book of all Books.
Scot McKnight on Eugene Peterson's recent Eat this Book in this post.


Anonymous said...

Groover here:

The Message Bible reads like a novel to me. Not a work for study, but for devotions. His translation can seem "loose" at times, but I don't feel it compromises the original intent based on an understanding of the original languages.

It seems Peterson decided long ago that he was tired of nonsense, church silliness and decided he was going to tell it straight.

Steve, you say this is the "BEST" book you've ever read. I think you need to devote more thought to this in your blog. It's a powerful sentiment.

Stephen said...

hey groover,

the quotes are scot's; I haven't read Peterson's book yet. But I have a lot of respect for Scot's opinion so wished to pass it on.