Monday, August 19, 2002

Chris Temple Update

from the Temple's friend Amelia Hendricks - this was received @ 10:23 PM on Sunday 18 August.


I spoke with Roberta around 8 pm this evening. Chris has shown a little
improvement today. His blood pressure and heart rate are up some. His
temperature is down some and the germ causing the infection in his blood
is "easy" to treat. He is still receiving life support -- the breathing
machine, medications for his blood pressure, blood and platelets
frequently, and medicines to correct the acid in his blood. His
kidneys, liver and spleen have failed and the longer he stays in
critical condition, the greater the likelihood of irreversible organ
damage. So the news is mixed. The doctors have indicated that a time
may come soon when they will ask Roberta to make a decision about Chris
continuing to receive this level of life support. Please lift this
aspect of things up to the Lord in particular.

I also spoke with Kaitlin this afternoon. She sounded better than I
expected, but I wasn't able to determine if she is doing as well as she
sounds. She is staying at home with Paula Smith Mullins. Please lift
up Paula (and her son) as she ministers to Kaitlin.

Roberta is "numb" and she feels like a "robot". She has eaten and taken
a shower for the first time in 2 days. She hasn't slept in several days
and the fatigue is taking its toll. However, our dear pastor's wife has
been going around the waiting room praying with other family members.
She said there have been several cardiac arrests today and that, while
she knows where Chris will spend eternity, others don't have this
confidence about their loved God is using her there. To God
be the glory.

I think that is all for now. Roberta is so comforted by your prayers.
As she said this morning, "I have peace, but my heart is broken".


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