Saturday, June 25, 2005

the hard times ec cohort

Some guys came up from Charlotte to the DC area to attend one of the The Worship in the Spirit of Justice events on Darfur in the District tomorrow and we met up today at the Hard Times Cafe in College Park (Suburban MD).

In attendance were (from left to right):

Here's a better pic of Anthony

So many memes - here are some that were addressed:
i'm sure i'm missing some significant topics but this hits some of the highlights. It was a great time.


postmodernegro said...

I had a great time. Dude...were you like taping our conversation? How did you remember all of that?

Stephen said...

anthony, it was completely awesome to meet you and all the rest of the htc. i'll be excited to continue the conversation with you and all virtually and f2f!

djchuang said...

wow, impressive list of links, aka show notes in podcast speak. great to see you again Stephen, and to meet your lovely wife Beth also.. thanks for being a part of keeping the conversations live!

Rod said...

Stephen, I'm taking notes on your Blogger style. I'm still just a neophyte. Enjoyed meeting you and the other members of the Hard Times crew. The convo was definitely stimulating, inspiring, and encouraging.

Stephen said...


you'd never met beth? Wow! it was so great to see you as again as well.

rod, it was also great meeting you I'm looking forward to exploring your blog! saturday we started a acct for beth and added everyone's blog at the table. Next, she needs to start a blog (but one step at a time).

i'm looking forward to learning from you.


Sivin Kit said...

almost all the people in he picture has sent me an email or even had a chat online :-) cool! wish I was there ...