Sunday, November 05, 2006

Michael Polanyi

This marvelous and insightful audio summary of the brilliant philosopher-scientist Michael Polanyi is now available on MP3 from Mars Hill Audio.

I posted some of my own reflections on Polanyi some time ago.

Also, Mars Hill has started a podcast!

I've intermittently subscribed to the Mars Hill Audio Journal (not the podcast - it's been around for years and started on cassette) for the last few years and it's not infrequently thought provoking.


knsheppard said...

Thanks Stephen, I found some great stuff on that audio page. Is this Mars Hill of Rob Bell or Mark Driscoll?

Stephen said...


It's ken myers and he's been doing this before either of those guys!

He used to be a producer on NPR and maybe 15 years ago or so decided to begin doing his own NPResque show on cassette!