Saturday, December 30, 2006

more on michael polanyi

mars hill audio review announces:

"Listeners who want a good basic introduction to the ideas of Michael Polanyi (which have been discussed in a number of MARS HILL AUDIO features as well as our documentary, "Tacit Knowing, Truthful Knowing") will want to take note of a recent book by Mark T. Mitchell called Michael Polanyi: the Art of Knowing (ISI Press). In addition to brief surveys of the key concepts in Polanyi's thought, Mitchell's book includes a chapter comparing Polanyi's ideas with those of Michael Oakeshott, Eric Voegelin, and Alasdair MacIntyre. (And just in case you missed the announcement earlier, "Tacit Knowing, Truthful Knowing" is now available in MP3 download form; see here for details.)" [some links mine]

We had earlier blogged ab polanyi and his significance for the emerging church.


postmodernegro said...


Providence? I just read an essay written by Mark Mitchell on Enlightenment rationalism and Postmodern relativism...finding a middle path by way of a conversation between Augustine and Polanyi: "The false dilemma of modernity" in the publication Modern Age, Fall, 2005. Good stuff. I saw a plug for his book a couple of weeks ago. Its already on my list of books to get. Let me know if you pick it up...maybe we can read it together as a part of this epistemological journey. What ya thinks?

Stephen said...

cool! I'll let you know. Might be reading Cornel first!

btw, the mars hill audio intro on polanyi is just fantastic and it's now avail on mp3 for download; i highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

downloaded 'Tacit Knowing, Truthful Knowing' yesterday. looking forward to some long drives coming up so that i can give it a good listen.

is the audio on the intro different?