Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hearing God

I've been contemplating reading the Old and New Testaments completely thru 2007, something I've never done intentionally through one year.

I've been looking at the various plans that the folks at highlighted some days ago. I like and plan to use Back to the Bible's Chronological One Year Bible Plan.

I've decided to do this in the Today's New International Version using Zondervan's TNIV Study Bible, which Barnes and Nobel tells me is ready to pick up when we come back to Baltimore (we're still in Danville, VA). (I had gotten the TNIV Study Bible, Personal Edition, but returned it because the print was just too small to read comfortably.)

I plan to continue my "Fresh View of Jesus" project in 2007, and have been working through Luke using Joel Green's fine commentary at Scot McKnight's suggestion. I've modified my planned approach for this, though. I'm reading and re-reading Luke, Acts, and Romans and plan to continue doing so until I've finished treading straight thru the last commentary on Romans. I've gotten Ben Witherington's Socio-Rhetorical commentary on Acts to help me through that book and then plan to attack Romans with Douglas Moo's work on that book. I plan to do most of this reading in the English Standard Version though I've also begun listening to these books in The Bible Experience, which has been just delightful.


a lurker said...

Do you mean Douglas Moo?

Also, was wondering what level Witherington's commentary was pitched at. Is it accessible to a non-seminarian?

Enjoy your blog very much, keep it up.

Stephen said...

oops! Thanks for the correction on Moo; i've made it on the post.

I'll let you know about Witherington. Still reading Green!

a lurker said...