Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Update: Most Legitimately Influential Blogs for the North American Church

I had earlier suggested:

emergesque readers added:


Scot McKnight said...

Will the link to Ted Olsen's stuff you give here always direct me to his newest stuff, or will it always link to this specific one (Jan 07)?

Jordon said...

I think we have no identified with the North American church. I am on that list :-)

djchuang said...


I misread the original post and thought you were listing only influential blogs re: the emerging/emergent church :) but, since you're listing influential blogs for the whole North American church, you'd certainly want to consider these (additional) Christian blogs with the most traffic:

While I know Hugh Hewitt is a top blogger, I didn't think he addressed church issues as much as he does political issues.